Welcome Ladysmith Farms

Ladysmith Farm

We are excited to welcome Ladysmith Farms to the AFMH group, a young stock and cropping facility located close to Wagga Wagga, NSW.  The farm was purchased by AFMH in April 2022, and is owned and operated by the business entity Fresh Dairy Six Pty Ltd. 

Ladysmith Farms spans 735ha of prime agricultural land in the Riverina region, supporting cropping, forage production and the backgrounding of cattle with its irrigable creek flats, undulating arable land and grazing hills. 

Stuart Smith will run operations on the ground as Farm Manager and is supported by 12 staff members who will continue to work at Ladysmith Farms under AFMH operation. 

Ladysmith Farms will play an integral role in AFMH operations as a dedicated young stock raising facility.  Located conveniently halfway between Moxey Farms and Coomboona Farms, heifers will be sent to Ladysmith Farms from the age of 6 months until they are ready to return to the dairies to commence milking. 

We are excited about the future of Ladysmith Farms and committed to making further improvements to the site and its facilities to ensure the highest adherence to our commitment to sustainability and AFMH core values.  This includes maximising the comfort of our animals, increasing the percentage of feed grown and stored on farm, and providing modern facilities for our people.  

Published 17/01/23