Who We Are and What We Do

Australian Fresh Milk Holdings (AFMH) is a world class dairy farming company focused on the sustainable production of high quality fresh milk.  We are passionate about 3 things: our people, our cows and our farms.  We apply best practice farming techniques that promote the highest standards of wellbeing and sustainability through innovation, technology and staying true to our values. 

AFMH philosophies are built on a long term vision for the company.  Sound investment providing sustainable results for shareholders, our environment and community into the future. 

AFMH is grounded with over 100 years of generational Australian dairy farming. The Moxey Family commenced dairy farming in Richmond in 1919, later moving operations to Gooloogong in 1992 to establish what is now Moxey Farms, the original dairy site of AFMH. In 2015, the Moxey Family entered into partnership with the Perich and New Hope families to establish Australian Fresh Milk Holdings. Moxey Farms became the foundation asset of the new company, which has since expanded to include other properties in NSW and VIC. While much has changed over the long history of this enterprise, the core family values that have guided the business over the years remain as strong as ever.

AFMH operates multiple sites across eastern Australia. Dairy operations are located at Moxey Farms in Gooloogong NSW, as well as Coomboona Farms in Coomboona, VIC. In addition, AFMH operates Ladysmith Farms, a young stock operation near Wagga Wagga, NSW and extensive cropping land in Torrumbarry, VIC.   The company collectively employs over 400 people across the two states.

Celebrating 100 years of Australian dairy farming


Our Aim

Our aim is to develop a world class dairy farm focused on the sustainable production of high quality fresh milk; supporting the manufacture and marketing of premium value added dairy products.

Our People

We aim to attract, grow and retain our people, engaging and enabling them through a team environment.  We leverage the strengths of our Senior Leadership Team to implement programs that support our wellbeing goals.

Our Farms

We aim to farm sustainably to secure home-grown forage for our cows with a focus on water efficiency, nutrient recovery and recycling.

Our Cows

We aim for the highest standard of wellbeing by caring for our cows and creating an environment where they are respected and promoted with a focus on cow comfort, team training, veterinary support and assurance programs.

Our Market Opportunity

We aim to supply consistent, high quality milk to premium markets that reward attributes including provenance, A2A2 and sustainability credentials.

Our People


Quentin Moxey

Managing Director, Director of Operations

Karl Sinclair

Director of Finance & Corporate Services

Bob Wong

Head of Finance

Emma Charlton

Head of Communication & Marketing

Rose Philipzen

Head of People & Culture, Head of Livestock & Genetics

Will Martin

Head of Procurement & Logistics

Josh Ziser

Head of Farming

Dan Brown

Head of Dairy

Andy Smith

Head of Site Operations

Jill Smith

Head of Dairy Nutrition

Sean Haynes

Head of Safety, Environment & Quality