We own and operate multiple dairy and farming sites across eastern Australia. Together, our farms offer diversification in land and water assets that provide the security required to safeguard our commitment to best practice and sustainability.

Each farm has its own strategic value, selected for highly productive soils and secure water supply required for dairy production. AFMH has access to three major river systems, the Lachlan in NSW, and the Goulburn and Murray in VIC, effectively drought-proofing operations and ensuring self-sufficiency in fodder requirements.

AFMH is focused on investing in high performing land and water assets, constantly looking for ways in which to achieve further operational efficiencies. Our farms boast world class infrastructure that enable AFMH to offer the highest standards of wellbeing for our people, our cows and our environment.



Location: Orange, NSW
Established: 2018
Capacity: 30 employees
Operations: Finance, legal, HR, communications, logistics


Location: Gooloogong, NSW
Acquired: 1992
Managed land area: 5,750ha
Operations: Dairy, cropping, waste to energy


Location: Coomboona, Vic
Acquired: 2019
Managed land area: 1,900ha
Operations: Dairy, cropping

Location: Torrumbarry, VIC
Acquired: 2019
Managed land area: 4,400ha
Operations: Cropping, grazing


Location: Ladysmith, NSW
Acquired: 2022
Managed land area: 750ha
Operations: Young stock, cropping


Moxey Farms

Located in Gooloogong, Central West NSW, Moxey Farms is the original property owned by AFMH and our largest dairy site. Moxey Farms is an aggregation of properties situated along the fertile Lachlan River flats, featuring highly productive soils, expansive irrigation infrastructure and grazing land.  The aggregation spans about 5,800ha in total.

Home to our bio-digester, Moxey Farms is powered by renewable energy using cow manure to produce bio-gas.  As well as this, other by-products including nitrogen and phosphorous are recycled as crop inputs across the farm.

Our dairy cows are housed in state of the art barns, with sand beds that are cleaned and maintained daily.  Moxey Farms has three milking parlours including an 80 stand rotary parlour. A modern feed centre, hospital and maternity barn are also located at this site.


Coomboona Farms

Coomboona Farms was purchased by AFMH in 2019, marking the expansion of our dairy operations into Victoria. Located about 30km northwest of Shepparton in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley, the farm is ideally suited to dairy production with over 1,800 hectares of highly productive land, supported by secure water supply derived from the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation System as well as good winter rainfall.

The property takes advantage of productive Coomboona and Congupna clay and loam soils by utilising strategically designed flood and lateral irrigation systems to support fodder production. The Coomboona Farms cropping program consists predominantly of corn, lucerne and cereals.

The dairy includes state of the art facilities including freestall barns and rotary milking parlours. A new feed centre was completed in 2022 to support dairy operations.


Torrumbarry Farms

Torrumbarry Farms is a large aggregation of prime irrigation land with grazing and fodder production capabilities, located 20kms west of Echuca along the Murray River. Of a total land size of about 4,100ha, approximately 1,900ha is dedicated to centre pivot, lateral and flood irrigation.

The Torrumbarry Farms cropping program is supported by high security Murray River water entitlements and bore water. This provides access to a reliable and diversified water source, helping to drought proof our dairy operations. The Torrumbarry Farms cropping program is focused on the production of winter cereals and oilseeds.


Ladysmith Farms

Ladysmith Farms was purchased in April 2022 and has since been repurposed as a dedicated young stock raising facility. Situated in the Riverina, a prime agricultural region in the wheat belt of Australia, Ladysmith Farms is strategically located halfway between the dairies at Moxey Farms and Coomboona Farms.

The farm enjoys 571mm average annual rainfall, productive creek flats and arable hill country that support cropping and grazing activities.

The dedicated young stock facility enables AFMH to carefully manage the growth and  wellbeing of our next generation heifers. Access to purpose-built facilities allows us to deliver more reliable and consistent outcomes for our herd.


Corporate Office

Our corporate office is located in the thriving rural centre of Orange, Central West NSW. In the corporate hub of Lords Place, we are right in the city centre, just a block from the main street.

The office is home to our corporate services teams including finance, business analytics, commodities management, legal, logistics, communications and human resources.          

The office was established in 2018 and accommodates approximately 30 employees, having been fully renovated with modern facilities.