We live in a beautiful part of the world and as custodians, we want to keep it this way.

Our farming and dairy operations depend on each other as we turn water into milk.  We rely on rainfall and supplementary irrigation to grow the crops that in turn nourish our cows, providing the nutrients they need to make our milk as good as it is.  We are grateful for the resources that provide us so much and in return we are committed to investing in their future.

We want to be here for generations to come.


Waste to Energy

We are committed to implementing full circle sustainability where possible to minimise our impact on the land we are lucky enough to call home.  As part of this, we are focused on finding innovative new ways to convert waste into valuable resources.  

Moxey Farms is home to a bio-digester, one of the first of its kind in Australia. The bio-digester captures methane gas that is used to generate renewable energy. This project supports a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and displaces thousands of tonnes of carbon each year.

The green energy generated is used to power the dairy operations at Moxey Farms, with surplus electricity going back into the grid. The bio-digester also preserves the nutrient value of waste, recovering nitrogen and phosphorous to use as crop inputs via precision application.


We use modern irrigation systems to deliver water and nutrients efficiently to our crops. Our irrigation systems are automated and controlled remotely, responding to changes in soil moisture levels so we never waste a drop of water.

Focus Project: conversion to pivot irrigation

The modernisation of our irrigation systems is an ongoing project as we  utilise water efficiently.


Our land enables us to grow the majority of our feed requirements locally. We replenish our farms with compost and natural fertilisers. Our cropping rotations are designed to let the land rejuvenate naturally, building soil health and structure so our farms remain fertile and productive.

Focus project: distribution of liquid dairy nutrients

We apply nitrogen and phosphorous derived from cow manure using variable rate application across large areas of our dairy farms.


Healthy, well-nurtured cows are the key to the sustainability of our operations and the quality of our milk. Their wellbeing is our priority.

Focus project: individual cow monitoring

Each cow is treated as an individual, every day. To assist us in delivering the best possible care to our cows when it matters most, cow monitoring technology measures rumination, temperature and activity indicators in real time to enhance wellbeing outcomes.


We are committed to going above and beyond our legislative obligations to secure our environmental wellbeing objectives.  We have achieved ISO accreditation 14001:2004, demonstrating this commitment.   

Our legislative obligations are documented here:

EPA Licence

ISO accreditation

Pollution incident response management plan (PIRMP)

Risk based licence

Environmental monitoring results