International Dairy Week – Australia

January 2024

What is so great about attending International Dairy Week – Australia?
For us at AFMH, it’s an opportunity to mix with a group of industry leaders who are showcasing the best in Australian Dairy. IDW also provides a chance to build networks with other dairy farmers and breeders, as well as business partners and suppliers.
Our AFMH delegates for 2024 were Rose Philipzen, Jill Smith, Erin Brown, and Dan Brown. Having the opportunity to be involved with events like IDW is a great way to show our commitment to genetics and growing a high performing herd. It also helps engage our team by strengthening their dairy knowledge, build their industry networks, and keep in touch with the latest developments in the field.
This year, the AFMH team were supported by some of our next generation: Lucy, Ingrid, Burke and Maddi. IDW helps us nurture and inspire our ‘Next Gen’ of dairy farmers as they got involved in the IDW Junior events held throughout the week.
The kids made the most of this opportunity, taking along a couple of AFMH Holsteins and the Brown family’s Brown Swiss heifer.
The experience of preparing the heifers for showing was a great team effort, and our Juniors learnt a lot at the judging clinic led by Matt Templeton on the Saturday.
This was followed up by showmanship classes on Sunday, with Ingrid and Burke leading their heifers well and showing that dairy is truly in their genes.
Maddi, Ingrid and Burke stepped into the judging ring on Monday and did their families proud in the way they prepared for and participated on the day.
Inspiring our next generation, as well as being able to see the latest developments in farm practices, breeding and genetics, and managing the environment, is what makes IDW such a worthwhile event for AFMH to attend.
We’re looking forward to getting back to IDW (and seeing the kids back in the arena) in 2025!