AFMH Leaders Complete First Talogy Leadership & Development Program

In 2023, 25 AFMH employees completed the inaugural AFMH Leadership and Development Program. AFMH have partnered with Talogy, a global organisation that connects with businesses to help discover organisational brilliance through assessment, development and consultation.

The program encompassed a 12-month leadership journey, where participants from AFMH undertook various activities to provide them insight into their strengths and areas for growth, along with opportunities to further develop their leadership skills.  The course consisted of 6 workshops in total, focusing on topics including ‘leading self’, ‘emotional intelligence’ and ‘constructive conversations’.  

Participants completed personality and emotional intelligence questionnaires, along with 360 surveys providing detailed insights into interpersonal styles, approach to results, decision making and resilience. They also explored and gained an understanding of their leadership style and impact, what it means to lead with purpose and authenticity, along with tools to improve their personal and interpersonal intelligence.  Participants also had the opportunity to build an understanding of the fundamentals of communication, and how to structure and deliver feedback that is constructive and likely to result in positive behavioural change.

AFMH is excited to continue this initiative and is looking forward to offering the program to other leaders in 2024 and beyond.